New Site. Same Great Reviews!!!

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Hello My Dear Reader!!!

Welcome to the all new! This new site allows you easier access to my reviews and my podcasts "Writer's Bagel Basket" and "KOF (The Kurland On Film podcast). I will be adding all my old reviews from the past eight years as I go along. 

Why am I going to a website? Well, it's time for me to leave Blogger behind and create something new for myself.  Thanks to "Squarespace's" user friendly layout, its now easier than ever to post my reviews. Just an FYI, they are not a sponsor of us...yet. So please, explore and enjoy this new site. I created it for you dear reader because you have supported my career since I was at Wicked Local. Please feel free to visit as often as you like. Share this site with friends, family, and Facebook. It may save you a trip to the theater.

 To quote Stan Lee: "Keep reading and I'll keep writing."

All The Best,

Scott (Your Friendly Neighborhood Film Critic)

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