Oscar Prediction 2016 Edition….Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love The Drama

By Scott Kurland

It’s my favorite time of the year: OSCAR WEEK!!! This year is going to be the most baffling and hard to predict Oscars yet. Luckily for me, I enjoy a challenge. Rather than comment on the lack of diversity in the Oscars this year, I will simply say certain films and actors were robbed of nominations. Last year I went a little gung-ho and tried to predict too many categories. I’m going to save some time in this opening paragraph and give you one tiny freebie right here and now. “Inside Out” will most definitely win Best Animated Film.  Be sure to watch the Oscars on Sunday February 28th at 8pm on ABC to see if I’m right about that category and the others below. Now, lets move on to the main event...


WHO WILL WIN:  This is the most difficult category because, at the moment, this is the most heated category. Mark Rylance, Sylvester Stallone, and Christian Bale are all tied up with awards going into this. I think Stallone can pull it off, but Bale stealing it away wouldn’t shock me. Rylance is most deserving of the award, but Stallone and Bale will be the ones to watch out for.

WHO SHOULD WIN: Rylance should win, though an argument can be made for Stallone. I would love to see Ruffalo pull a sneak attack and win for “Spotlight,” but that might be a lost cause.

WHO WAS ROBBED/SHOULDN’T BE THERE: This was a hard year full of good acting. I feel like 9-year-old Jacob Tremblay was robbed for “ROOM,” as was Michael Shannon for “99 Homes.” Tremblay or Shannon should be there in Tom Hardy's place. Performance wise, Tom Hardy isn't the strongest contender when it comes to this category.


WHO WILL WIN:  Alicia Vikander and Kate Winslet will be duking it out. Vikander will win because her role was a lead role. She was, quite literally, “The Danish Girl” and they gave her the title of supporting actress so she would win. She’s won every time she’s been nominated in this category. When she doesn't, Winslet snatches them up.

WHO SHOULD WIN: Normally, I’d say Winslet. This time, I’ll say Jennifer Jason Leigh should win because she was amazing. Her performance is proof that playing a monster can be entertaining. I’d love to see her steal the award.

 WHO WAS ROBBED/SHOULDN’T BE THERE: This is the only category that I feel all the actress deserved their nominations. However, Viaknder should be nominated for “Ex Machina” rather than “The Danish Girl”.


WHO WILL WIN: I think we might see something amazing happen this year for cinematography. Emmanuel Lubezki has won the last two years in this category, and now he’s been nominated again. I think he will be the first person to pull a hat trick at the Oscars. I wouldn’t be surprised if “Mad Max: Fury Road” or “Hateful Eight” won, but it's clear this is “The Revenant’s” year.

WHO SHOULD WIN: “The Revenant” it’s a beautifully shot film, and Lubezki brings the landscape to life with his cinematography.

WHO WAS ROBBED/ SHOULDN’T BE THERE: “Sicario” should not be nominated. “ROOM” deserves the nomination over all of them. “ROOM” was shot in a studio replica of a shed dungeon. Throughout the film, I felt as if I was trapped alongside the main characters which made for convincing cinematography


WHO WILL/SHOULD AND DESERVES TO WIN:  Without a doubt, Brie Larson. I called this back in November. She’s sweeping the category with her career-changing performance.  If she loses, then it’s obvious that something is up with the Academy. I sincerely doubt she’ll lose.

WHO WAS ROBBED/ SHOULDN’T BE THERE: I’m going to sound crazy when I say this, but Amy Schumer was robbed for a nomination. To add another nail to my coffin, Jennifer Lawrence shouldn’t be nominated. “Joy” wasn’t that great of a film, and J.Law has given better performances.


WHO WILL WIN:  This is a no-brainer. Leonardo DiCaprio will win. This is his year. Basically, this is his "life-time-achievement-Oscar". He should have won years ago. Now, after he endured the wilderness and a CGI bear, they are finally giving it to him.

WHO SHOULD WIN: Bryan Cranston or Matt Damon. Both gave two emotionally draining performances that showcased their characters being trapped in their own versions of hell, but using logic and humor to rise above it. Cranston was my favorite performance of the year, and I think this would be his only chance to win an Oscar. He doesn’t get roles like this everyday and it’s a shame.

WHO WAS ROBBED/ SHOULDN’T BE THERE: Eddie Redmayne won last year, he does not need to be there this year. He has his Oscar, move on. Michael B. Jordan was robbed in my opinion. He was robbed years ago when he wasn’t nominated for “Fruitvale Station”. He was robbed this year for “CREED”.


WHO WILL WIN: This is a tough one. Alejandro G. Inarritu will probably win, which might be controversial as he won last year. He’s been winning every Directing award, but there’s one person who could steal his thunder. That man is George Miller. Miller is the guy who made “Mad Max: Fury Road” come to life. This could be another lifetime achievement award situation in the making. Still, I think Inarritu is the safe bet.

WHO SHOULD WIN: For me, this year’s Oscar should go to Lenny Abrahamson for “ROOM.” What he accomplished with “ROOM” is nothing short of astonishing. The film is heartbreakingly beautiful. Another person who should win is Tom McCarthy for “Spotlight.” He made one of the most exciting films of 2015. He captured that scandal with accuracy and never exploited it.

WHO WAS ROBBED/ SHOULDN’T BE THERE: Ryan Coogler was robbed for “CREED”. Everything I said about Michael B. Jordan being robbed for acting goes double for Coogler as the director. Adam McKay shouldn’t be nominated for “The Big Short”. He made a great film, but I think as a director he needs to improve more before he gets nominated.


WHO WILL WIN: Like supporting actor, this is another difficult category. Right now “The Revenant” and “Spotlight” are tied with accolades. “Spotlight” should win, but “The Revenant” will probably win. Whether you agree with “The Revenant” taking the Oscar is something completely different.

WHO SHOULD WIN: “ROOM”, in my opinion, is the best picture. I’d gladly welcome a “Hurt Locker” type of steal and Oscar sweep. I doubt that will ever happen, but “ROOM” should win.

WHO WAS ROBBED: The Academy is allowed to nominate ten films and, honestly, they should have. No film shouldn’t be in this category, but two films in particular were robbed of nominations. “Straight Outta Compton” and “CREED” are the two films in question. There’s no reason they shouldn’t be up there with “The Revenant” and “Spotlight”. It’s not about diversity, it’s about honoring quality films and filmmaking.
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