The Top 10 List: Show Me Some Love The 10 Greatest Gestures Of Love

By Scott Kurland

Well V-Day is upon us once again, and there’s nothing greater to me like Love....well maybe a nice MLT sandwich. A mutton, lettuce, and tomato...where the mutton is nice and lean. With all this love floating around like a plastic bag in the wind, I thought I’d dig deep into my frosty heart and do something different. I know I say I don’t repeat on my lists, but this is different. I’m going to do the top ten greatest love gestures in any movie. These are the top ten greatest love gestures in my opinion, and they won’t just include romantic love. Sometimes love can be a family member doing the right thing or a friend having your back.

10.) Edward Bloom and the Field Of Daffodils, “Big Fish”2003, Sony Pictures- “Sandra Templeton, I LOVE YOU AND I WILL MARRY YOU!!!” Nothing screams romance quite like a bouquet of flowers. Ok, I see those 12 flowers and I raise you an entire field. “Big Fish” is a father-son story at its heart, but learning how Edward Bloom (Ewan McGregor) wooed his wife to be is inspiring. Not only did he work at a circus doing odd jobs like shoveling elephant droppings and being a human cannon ball, he was learning about his future wife. So, when Edward finds out where she is he introduces himself, tells her he loves her, and finds out she’s engaged. That’s ok, he wins her in the end...with a field of her favorite flowers daffodils. He shoots and scores!!!! It’s not just the fact that he brought the flowers. Do you realize how long it takes to plant a field of daffodils on a college campus? He has guts. Not only does he plant those flowers and win her, but he also takes a huge beating for her....remember she’s engaged. That combo of flowers and no violence showed Sandra (Alison Lohman) he’s Mr. Right.

9.) Mark, And His “Signed” Confession, “Love Actually” 2003, Studio Canal Universal- “Enough, Enough.” Mark (Andrew Lincoln) is the strong, silent, suffering type in “Love Actually”. He goes the entire movie without telling Juliet (Keira Knightley) he loves her...until the end. He goes 5th grade crafts project on her ass. He grabs a sharpie, poster paper, and magazine photos to confess his undying love for his best friends wife. Does it work? Kind of, he gets a kiss and then she goes inside to snogg her husband. Mark goes on being proud of himself for what he did, and with good reason that was ballsy. It’s damn near difficult to tell anyone your true feelings, whether they are positive or negative. What he did was he wrote them on cue cards. that must be true pain, like book of Job suffering. I always joke that the next night Mark will go back with the same poster board and do the same thing to his best friend Peter (Chiwetel Ejiofor) and get the same kiss. 

8.) Robbie Hart and Airplane Lovesong “The Wedding Singer,” 1998, New Line Cinema- It’s sad that Adam Sandler has fallen so far from grace. I use to love his films, and now when I see a trailer for his movies I cringe hearing “He wants to play twista, with your sista *shudder*.” “The Wedding Singer” was Sandler’s greatest RomCom. The most memorable scene comes in his gesture of love. Robbie Hart is chasing Julia (Drew Barrymore) to Vegas to prevent her from marrying a bad, bad man. When Robbie realizes she’s on the plane what does he do? He sings “I Wanna Grow Old With You.” This song’s sweet sentiment encompasses the entire film. It’s sweet, charming, and very corny. The real important thing of it all is... IT WORKS!!! He gets her and shows up just in time.

7.) Sean Maguire and Will Hunting ‘It’s Not Your Fault’, “Good Will Hunting,” 1997, Miramax- “Will, Son...It’s Not Your Fault...It’s Not Your Fault.” I told you from the beginning I was going to put gestures of love that weren’t just of a romantic or physical nature. The late great Robin Williams sold this part of the film. Damon’s Will Hunting is so abrasive and distant the entire movie. Williams’ Sean Maguire is alone and never got to be a father, so Sean does what every  good father should do. That’s right he reassures Will that a tough up bringing and a terrible step father weren’t Will’s fault. It’s extreme, and hard to watch, but Maguire does it out of love. He knows this kid needs love, and needs to feel special, so why can’t he be the one to do it? It’s intense and painful to watch Will’s brain try and figure out why Sean is doing this, but it also might be just what the doctor ordered.

6.) Harry & Sally Goofy Talk, “When Harry Met Sally...,” 1989, Castle Rock - “ ‘Today...I decided we will talk like dis.’ ‘Like dis.’ ‘Like dis, repeat after me PeppeR.’ ‘Pepper’ ‘PeppeR.’” This is my favorite scene in the entire movie. For me the museum scene makes “When Harry Met Sally” what it is, and without it, we don’t have the catalyst we need to move the film forward. It’s also the greatest gesture of love, because nothing shows true love like acting childish and talking in goofy voices. Harry shows his mosts sensitive side to Sally, and she reciprocates by showing the same amount of foolishness. This is the first and only example on the list of two people making an effort and gesturing to one another for love. It takes them a few year, and quite a lot of visits to Katz deli, but their gestures pays off in the end. Just that one little act of goofing off in the Guggenheim museum can lead to one of the greatest love stories ever.

5.) Lady and The Tramp the Last Meatball, “Lady & The Tramp”, 1955, Walt Disney Pictures-  To me there’s nothing is as sweet as sharing food. That goes double for animal couples sharing food while two Italian gentlemen play the according and mandolin.  The Tramp does the sweetest gesture any good decent partner would do. When there’s only one meatball left, you give it to your respected other. What makes it even sweeter is he does so by sliding it to her using his nose. Unhygienic, yes, but is it thoughtful? Absolutely. Adding little details like that is what made Disney a genius, it’s not truly anything spectacular or breath taking. However, this act of love is one of the most memorable things about “Lady and the Tramp.”

4.) Juno McGuff filling a mailbox full of Orange Tic Tacs, “Juno”, 2007, Fox Searchlight- If you thought I was going to say knocking up a teenage girls is a gesture of love I have this to say to you, get help. But, Juno (Ellen Page) does the sweetest thing imaginable to win over her Paulie (Michael Cera). Knowing she really hurt him with her cutting tongue she needs something big to apologize with. What does Paulie love most? Orange tic tacs. What does Juno do? Fills his mailbox with dozens of orange tic tacs all in their boxes. Juno’s gesture showed Paulie that she truly can admit when she is wrong. Who would have thought that a two calorie sweet mint could make a love based on teenage pregnancy blossom?

3.) Grandpa Reading All Day To His Grandson, “The Princess Bride”, 1987, 20th Century Fox- This is another example of nonromantic love being capable of grand gesture. I know you’d all think to say Inigo and avenging his father, or even Westley stopping at nothing to get buttercup. But I submit to you dear reader this entry. The Grandfather (Peter Falk) reading to his sick Grandson (Fred Savage) in order for him to feel better. This is one of the sweetest acts of love I can think of for many reasons. The first being we don’t know how sick the grandson is. It could be the flu, a cold, or something worse. I know growing up nothing made me feel better quite like spending time with my dad watching movies when I was sick. This leads me to my second reason, we don’t know if the grandson’s dad (Falk’s son) is dead or alive. He could possibly be at work, he could have died when the boy was young; we never know. What we do know is that reading “The Princess Bride” was a family tradition and reading it brings the grandfather solace. Whatever the reasons are this act of love works on the Grandson because he asks his Grandfather to read it again the next day. To which the Grandfather responds with “As You Wish”, and we learned like Buttercup that when he says  “As You Wish” what he’s really saying is...“I Love You.”

2.) William Miller Airport Running, “Almost Famous”, 2000, Dreamworks- This is not only one of the greatest romantic gestures in cinema history, but it’s probably one of my favorite scenes of all time. Cameron Crowe not only knows how to write a perfect scene. He knows how to execute said scene extremely well. What I love about this gesture is how spontaneous it is. William (Patrick Fugit) has been trying to win over Penny Lane (Kate Hudson) the entire movie, but it’s not until it’s too late that she realizes she loves him back. William is at the gate and Penny is on the plane, and he’s so in love with her he just can’t contain it anymore. So what does he do? He runs through the airport keeping eye contact with her plane, waving to Penny as she presses her face to the window. William knows Penny loves him back, but now it’s too late. This scene is so perfect when you watch it. You have two fresh faced actors, you got Cameron Crowe, and the final component is Nancy Wilson of Heart’s haunting “Cabin In The Air” score lulling peacefully in the background. This is not only a perfect scene; it’s also one of the greatest acts of love you’ll ever see.

1.) Lloyd Dobbler and His Boom box, “Say Anything...” 1989, 20th Century Fox- “I am looking for a dare to be great situation.” This is it folks, there is no disputing this one, I never flat out say this but if you think there’s a grander gesture then the “Boom box scene”’re wrong. John Cusack’s Lloyd Dobbler isn’t just an eternal optimist; he’s a hopeless romantic. Having been told he’ll never win Diane Court (Ione Skye)because she’s too smart, Lloyd proves everyone wrong and becomes the love of her life. Problems arise when her father intervenes and forces Diane to break Lloyd’s heart. That doesn’t stop our Lloyd, because he does a true act of romance. He takes a boom box and blasts their song “In Your Eyes” by Peter Gabriel. Not only is the song perfect, I mean no one can deny the power of Gabriel, but do you remember a 1988 Ghettoblaster boom box? Those things must have weigh like 15-20 ponds; and to hold it continuously for hours is insanity. Not only is this the most epic “Romeo & Juliet” story, but the underlying tone of this gesture is.... my love for you is THIS strong. Lloyd Dobbler is not only one of the greatest characters of all time, but his act of true love is one of the best and most memorable scenes ever put on film.
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